If you couldn’t tell already, we love using color in our photography. We’ve never been ones to heavily desaturate our photos or remove all the greens from images (it’s a thing). We want our images to pop with ROYGBIV goodness! The wedding industry tends to suffer from ‘sameness syndrome’ when lots of photographers Instagram feeds all start to look… well, the same. Fortunately for people looking for something different in their wedding photography there are so many great photographers out there creating amazing, unique imagery. Find one whose work you connect with and book ’em!

Color is awesome but of course lighting is always first and foremost on our minds when shooting wedding portraits or other types of sessions. Post processing is an important part of photography but we never use it as a crutch to cover up poor lighting in a photo. We want editing to enhance and bring out what was already a good image straight out of camera. On a wedding day lighting dictates the locations, poses, and settings that will look best and most flattering for portraits. During the course of a full wedding, however, we don’t usually have control over where moments happen. So the rules are slightly different for moments + candids than they are when we get to choose the setting for portraits. That is, the lighting will not always be ideal. But we still have to decide on the best lenses and camera settings (aperture, shutter, ISO) in mere seconds. One moment we’ll be in a small prep room with fluorescent lights, then outdoors in the bright sunlight, and then in a large, dark church. All within a 5 minute span! So yes wedding photography can be very technical and challenging to the mind.

What does this all mean to our clients? Well, the good part is our clients can trust us to get it right and never have to think about these things on their wedding day :) We’ll give them simple directions during portraits but the rest of the wedding day they should be completely in the moment and unaware of us.

What does this mean to a wedding photographer just starting out? Try to find your own “voice” with your camera. Draw inspiration from a bunch of different photographers (not just in the wedding industry) and don’t just try to recreate a look that you see over and over on a wedding blog’s instagram feed. Experiment often and expect to fail often.

Now let’s talk about this bridal session! She looked amazing and absolutely rocked her bridal session at the Botanical Gardens in Asheville. We had some killer natural light to work with and are excited to share some of our favorites with you.

We used Lightroom Classic CC for all these edits, none of these images are multiple exposures, and we didn’t use any Photoshop. We currently edit with our own post-processing that we created from scratch :) But FYI, there is nothing wrong with purchasing presets and using them to find your look.

Makeup by Flawless

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