We are Derek + Kristi Olson. We met each other at a game night with friends and have been inseparable ever since. In 2012, we made the best decision of our lives and got married in Savannah, GA. In 2018 we had a beautiful baby girl and she melts our hearts daily. Baby girl #2 is arriving in 2021 :) Our family is blessed and we enjoy every moment as parents.

We are both college graduates (from the University of North Carolina Asheville and Western Carolina University) and are thankful for our education and how it has shaped us. Obviously we love wedding photography as we are in year nine of shooting weddings as Fete. God has been good to us over the years and we are fortunate to use our gift to make a living as photographers. We can’t talk about us without mentioning that our identity is in Jesus. Our faith is the most important thing about us and it has transformed how we live, serve, and love our neighbors in word and deed.

That’s part of our story, now we want to hear yours! Knowing who you are as a couple is part of the thrill since we’ll be spending time with you on such an important day. As far as your wedding photos, we want you to feel relaxed and confident knowing that we will be working hard to capture brilliant imagery for you. So let’s grab some coffee, chat on the phone, and start documenting your wonderful love right now ♥

Fun Facts

A few things we love

Our daughter
Laughing together
Watching movies
Harry Potter
Avett Brothers
Board games

Favorite Destinations

Cornwall, England
New Orleans
Asheville (home!)

Why we love weddings

Awesome clients
Working together
Love Photography
Get to be creative
Happy celebration
Exploring venues
Meeting cool people

Photo of us by Sam Hurd Photography