We absolutely love looking back on our year and curating these posts with our favorite photos. 2021 was a crazy year for us. And we probably aren’t the only people to say that. This post could go on about a pandemic affecting our business but instead we want to extend our appreciation to a few people.

• We are so grateful for each and every client who booked us for their wedding or portrait session in 2021.

• Thanks to our 2020 “reschedule” clients that stuck with us

• Cheers to new clients who booked us in 2021 despite the uncertainty in the air with Covid

• Thank you to all our clients who totally understood that we had to hire a second shooter in lieu of Kristi while pregnant and on maternity leave

• Huge props to these photographers who filled in for Kristi and did an amazing job: Jeremy Russell, Ariel of AMW, Carrie Turner, Morgan Ford, Tristan Lenart

• Thank you to God, without whom none of our time or talent would exist. You give us living hope in Jesus

In the middle of 2021 we switched back to Nikon after a brief stint with Canon mirrorless. Because why not? We now shoot with all Nikon mirrorless gear. There are Canon and Nikon images on this post and 11 lenses were used in the making of all these shots. Over 40 of these were shot with a 50mm portrait lens though :) If we ever find time we will try and do some gear review posts.

As you may have surmised we had our second child last year. Another sweet daughter and we couldn’t be happier!

These best of the year posts are really tough to whittle down because there are so many photos we like. We hope you enjoy the ones we’ve selected!

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