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How to Look Natural in Your Wedding Photos

Be in the moment on your wedding day. Heather + Michael were a perfect example of this (photos below). These two were constantly interacting, smiling, and laughing with each other and there are a ton of photos showcasing this. Hire a photographer that you trust. We always tell potential clients that looking natural in your wedding photos starts with trust. If you trus[...]

Lighting, Color and Processing in Wedding Photography

If you couldn't tell already, we love using color in our photography. We've never been ones to heavily desaturate our photos or remove all the greens from images (it's a thing). We want our images to pop with ROYGBIV goodness! The wedding industry tends to suffer from 'sameness syndrome' when lots of photographers Instagram feeds all start to look... well, the same. F[...]

10 Asheville Wedding Venues to Check Out

If you've decided that Asheville, NC is the perfect place for your nuptials, here are  10 Asheville wedding venues to check out as you plan your big day. This isn't a comprehensive list but rather a few wonderful venues to check out and why we like them from a photography perspective. Naturally we've included photos that we've taken at each location.The Farm [...]