What are some wedding traditions you absolutely must include in your wedding? The answer is simple, and we won’t make you scroll down or navigate to another page to reveal the answer. Do whatever you want to do. Aside from obvious things like feeding your guests food or signing a marriage license, there are no traditions you have to include. This wedding is the perfect example of abandoning the traditional must-haves on your wedding day. And we loved it! Yeah but they did a first dance, right? Nope. They replaced that with “first karaoke song” and rocked out with each other to Fever by Peggy Lee. But you have to have a bouquet and pretty flowers on the tables? That’s certainly a nice touch! But they did DIY flowers by using chili peppers for boutonnieres and other vegetables for table decor. And clearly the bride didn’t wear a white dress and we adored this pop of color for photos. Her mom made the dress :) Another highlight from B+R’s wedding is the gorgeous Ketubah with elements compiled by the bride herself (and she did the watercoloring!).

When you start planning your wedding think of what’s really important to you and don’t succumb to the pressure to have that idealistic Pinterest wedding. Infuse YOU into your wedding whatever that may be. Most importantly be in the moment with each other and have fun with family and friends.

We seriously enjoyed working with this couple and hope you love these photos!

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Wedding ceremony

Asheville NC wedding photographer


Asheville wedding

Venue: The Farm
Florist: DIY
Coordinator: Jennifer at The Farm

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