We adore this engagement shoot. Aside from the fact that Claire and Evan should be in a magazine, this location was totally them. They chose The Bull and Beggar in Asheville’s River Arts District because they have a connection to it. They enjoy hanging out there and also own a business that provides the restaurant with organic produce. Check out The Culinary Gardener.

Engagement photography in Asheville does not always have to be in a field of tall grass capped off with an epic sunset finale (though we love that too!). These shoots are about who you are as a couple and being comfortable and relaxed in the environment, your clothes, and most importantly with each other. After taking these photos Claire and Evan told us “it really added a lot of excitement for the actual wedding.” Guess what? The shoot got us excited for the actual wedding, too! And this is on top of the excitement we already had, so we’re talking ‘off the charts’ now.

Free advice: for your engagement location pick a place that is you. It’s that simple. If you can’t think of a place then a field of tall grass at sunset it is! Either way we’ll make it completely enjoyable and create magic.

Asheville, NC is an ideal place for engagement photography. We are based in this lovely town and want to take your picture — right now! Head to our contact page and let’s get the conversation started. Wedding photography is our profession and we are dedicated to making you happy with awesome photos.


[…] are honored to have photographed it. Claire looks so elegant — wowza! We can’t thank these two enough for their kindness. We are constantly blessed with the best clients in the world. We hope […]

great session, beautiful setting and couple catured so well

Beautiful images! I love them all!

I love these! They look like such a fun couple.

i love how comfortable all these images are. very beautiful work!

Beautiful colours! I love the shot from above!

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