A couple things happened in 2018: we had our first baby in May (we love her so much). And we shot a bunch of fantastic weddings. We are wrapping up year 5 of shooting weddings together and are about to enter our 6th year as Fete Photography. Wow.

Last year we didn’t get to put a year in review post together, which is crazy because we had so many awesome weddings. So we made sure to get our best wedding photos of 2018 collection done this year! We included at least one of each couple we had the pleasure of photographing. Honestly we could have picked 4-5 from every wedding but we had to narrow it down somehow. We delivered around 20,500 images in 2018 and while curating this post we said “Ahhh but what about this photo?!” a hundred times.

We are incredibly grateful to all our clients who trusted us in 2018. There are a lot of options out there as far as wedding photographers so it really means so much to us that you chose us!

fete photography

Best wedding photography of 2018

Exceptional wedding photos

Asheville weddings

Fete Photography

Biltmore weddings Asheville

Colorful weddings

Best wedding photos of 2018

Asheville weddings

SC weddings

Cool wedding shots

Biltmore weddings

Wedding at the Farm


Thanks for checking out our best wedding photos post — we can’t wait for next year!

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