Mallory and Shawn’s Deer Creek Run wedding in North Carolina was a 10 out of 10 — from the vibrant florals to the energetic dancing at the reception — it was all perfect. Once you meet these two it’s impossible not to have thoughts of rubber ducks. They lived 6 hours apart during their entire relationship and used to Skype frequently. The sound of turning the volume up on their Mac computers reminded them of quacking, so Mallory refers to Shawn as ‘her duck’. It’s not all about ducks, but lions, too! Mallory and Shawn’s first dance included the classic Elton John song  “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” while everyone made an interlocking circle around them, swaying with joy as these two ducks masqueraded as lions. The bride and groom have the most endearing and kind personalities which made their wedding so special. So, yes, you could feel the love that night. They are also hilarious because following the ceremony they “galloped” up the aisle with one another while the wedding party played air trumpets. It was a fantastic day from start to finish with tons of sweet moments, laughing, and excitement.

Thanks to the florist Urban Farm Girl and their fantastic DJ, Jeff Gibson of Sound Travels. Now sit back and enjoy an awesome wedding!

This colorful Deer Creek Run wedding was also featured on Mountainside Bride.